7 Easy Ways to Compete as a Newbie in a Saturated Niche

One of the most overwhelming feelings as you embark on your online career as a niche marketer is sizing up the competition you’re going to go up against. If you are in a unique niche, where competition is low, this may not be as harrowing.

But in any saturated niche where the demand for products is high and there is a healthy number of consumers, there’s bound to be a lot of people vying for the attention of the same target audience that you are going after.

If you are planning to make a success out of your online efforts, you can’t back down in the face of competition. You have to not only work to get attention for your brand and offers, but also believe in yourself as a top tier authority figure people should be learning from.

If you start your business off lacking confidence in your ability to compete, it will be hard for you to convince people to sign up for your list and purchase your products over those of your competitors.

The truth is, it’s not that hard to break into a saturated niche, even if you are a complete newbie going up against seasoned online entrepreneurs or bigger brands. You just have to have a plan in place so that you can be proactive in creating a name for yourself and seeing the results you deserve.

Below, you are going to find seven simple methods you can use to set yourself apart from other niche leaders. You can begin implementing these as a way to shine a light on your strengths rather than focus on the fact that you are new to the industry.

1 – Start with a Specialization in a Sub-Topic of Your Niche

Many newbies worry about where they should position themselves in a niche, especially one that is saturated. Should they go abroad? Should they drill down? If the niche you are targeting has a lot of competition, it can sometimes be more effective to start out narrow and then branch out and expand your business approach over time as you gain a reputation.

You will find that it is easier to dominate in many different ways as a leader of a sub niche than it is to try to get your foot in the door as a top leader of a very broad one. For example, you probably know of a handful of gurus who represent the fitness niche.

As a newbie, it’s not feasible to think that you can go up against these individuals from day one on a broad scale. But if you have a specialty sub niche in mind, it will be easier for you to break in as an expert of that particular topic.

Do a little bit of research to try to uncover sub-niches that are not being served well by other leaders. It could be a certain demographic or a specific topic. You can use tools that will help you analyze the market and study the demand to see if it will be worthwhile leading in that area.

Then, you’ll want to spend a little bit of time building a brand that reflects your expertise for that sub-niche. You may need to expand your knowledge so that it goes deeper in that one area rather than a broad brush approach to the overall niche in general.

You can map out a content plan that will showcase your passion for that sub topic and your expertise that showcases your knowledge in that area. Along with your content strategy, you’ll want to work on getting it optimized for search engines and social media so that you have increased discoverability for the demographic that is hungry for information on that subject.

2 – Be a Rapid Product Developer for Important Niche Topics

Being an online entrepreneur means you want to make money quickly. One way you can do that while operating as a newbie is to quickly create and publish products. Whether they’re info products, membership or tools – speed is going to help you be competitive

For many marketers, product creation is a time consuming process. To position yourself at the top of a niche, you can pay attention to trends and news and churn out focused products before anyone else can.

Usually, it takes marketers awhile before they spot something growing in popularity. If you have your eye on the social buzz and news regarding your sub-niche, you can be one of the first people to create content or products about it.

Consumers love a leader who is cutting edge. They want you to be the one introducing new ideas and solutions to them – before they even know it exists or have to ask for it. The people you’re competing against have a lot on their plate.

As seasoned marketers, they likely have a busy schedule running their business, promoting colleagues, recruiting affiliates and building their blog continually. Set yourself up for niche success by identifying news and trends early on.

This also means paying attention to what competitors are mentioning online to their social media following as well as their subscribers. Many times, marketers will mention something that is starting to gain momentum to gauge the reaction of their audience.

While they are waiting in the wings for feedback, you can leap at the chance to be the first person in the marketplace with a product or solution about the topic. Not only will you beat them to the punch, but they may be eager to promote your launch so that they can test the waters with their own subscribers to see how well it will be received.

One thing you may want to do is develop templates for your product creation and your sales copy and listings. This will allow you to rapidly churn out products whenever you see something on the horizon that you feel people are going to want to know.

For example, if someone makes a mention of upcoming search engine optimization changes, you can go ahead and create a product that will serve as a guide and publish it before anyone else has a chance to bring one to the marketplace.

3 – Let a Host Strategy Put You in the Top Tier of the Niche’s Leadership

As a newbie in a niche, you’re going to notice what appears to be cliques (which are colleagues) getting together to cross promote one another, participate in events together and basically network in some way – inviting each other onboard as top tier leaders.

You don’t want to be left sitting on the sidelines when this happens. You want to be right in the mix. While it’s not likely that you’ll be invited as a guest speaker for a niche seminar if you’re unknown, you do have some control in how you position yourself as one of the best.

Learn how to host certain events yourself that will allow you to cherry pick the people involved, which will always include yourself, of course. You don’t have to rent out a conference room and host a live, in-person event – don’t worry.

But there are a couple of online events you can host. As the event coordinator, you want to first determine who the other top competitors are that you want to be aligned with in some way.

Obviously, you don’t want to choose people with scammy reputations but rather top thought leaders whose products and services are well-respected. You’re going to organize an event that will highlight these individuals (and yourself).

When everyone sees who has been invited to participate, they’re going to want to say yes to the event, assuming you’ve put together something professional that will serve them well in some way.

You can host some sort of webinar with an expert panel or a giveaway event designed to help each individual participant further grow their list. With a webinar, everyone has an opportunity to showcase their expertise and refer viewers or listeners to their landing page or offer.

You’ll get the option to record the event and sell it afterwards (even allowing participants to promote it as an affiliate). This won’t work if the event appears to be run by an amateur, so everything from the idea you conceptualize to the graphics, sign up page and schedule needs to be well-planned and professional.

In order for the experts (your top competition) to join in, they need to see that value is going to be provided to the audience they send there. You’ll want to lead with value and host the event in a way that shines a light on your own capabilities, too.

4 – Speak Up About Why You’re the Best Niche Authority Figure to Turn to

No one else is going to sing your praises in the beginning but you. Every time you take care of a follower or customer, you add the opportunity for them to spread good word of mouth about your brand.

But in the beginning, it’s you who has to bluntly talk about what sets you apart from the rest of the niche leaders and why you feel your ideas and products are the best option for the consumer.

What you don’t want to do is slam the competition. It’s not a good idea to sabotage your future success by creating enemies in the industry. Instead, be a steward of professionalism and simply tout what you bring to the table.

You don’t want all of your content to be bragging, but don’t be afraid to explain why your products or insight is unique and beneficial. You even want your branding and website to reflect a level of authority that isn’t seen with many solo entrepreneurs.

When you create content, do it with the idea in mind that you want to prove to readers that you’re a valuable resource. Develop thorough pillar blog posts and informative emails they can’t wait to open.

Take the opportunity to network with those who have the ability to invite you onto their podcast or to speaking events. Upload proof of your appeal to audiences in a variety of formats showing how you can persuade readers, viewers or listeners to engage with you.

Whenever you start getting feedback that is positive, screen shot it and ask for permission to use it in your online marketing. Social proof goes a long way in positioning you as a top leader.

5 – Serve Your Audience Like Other Niche Leaders Fail to Do

One immediate way to edge out the competition is to be at service to the audience. This is something many experienced entrepreneurs and brand begin to neglect as their business grows.

You’ll often hear from customers who are excited that you replied to their email in a timely manner or responded to their comment on social media. That’s something you can use to show customers why you’re on the best.

You can also serve their needs in terms of content and products that fill the gap where information is missing in the marketplace. By listening to their needs, you’re outdoing the competition who ignores them.

Always overdeliver on what you promise and keep the lines of communication open so that the relationship between yourself and the customer is a two-way street where they feel comfortable being able to reach out.

6 – Saturate Your Online Presence to Cast a Wider Net with Your Audience

When you are new to a saturated niche, you have an advantage over some of the more experienced leaders. When they started out, they were often early in positioning themselves online to appeal to that audience.

They may have been quick to build a blog that ranked well and they may have grown a Facebook group to a respectable number. They may even have a YouTube channel that is gaining steam faster than you could hope to catch up.

But what you have on your side is the ability to cast a wider net and ultimately position yourself as the niche leader on other platforms that they have not yet had time to tap into.

This is true with some of the newer platforms, including TikTok, where there are many different niche audiences waiting for leaders to create short form videos on topics that they are hungry for.

You have the ability to conduct a data analysis of variety of platforms to see how your competitors are faring and whether or not it would be in your best interest to even pursue something there.

This way, you won’t waste time on platforms that don’t have a solid audience. But you can also analyze what your competitors have been doing correctly and incorrectly so that when you do get your start, you’ll be able to immediately dominate with that audience.

Tools online now can give you feedback of exactly what the competition is doing with their own blog, how they are ranking, what content they are missing, and other details about their strategy that are delivered to you so you can leverage that to your advantage in an instant.

7 – Make Your Competitors Brag to Their Subscribers About You

Lastly, if you can create irresistible products that you know your competitors will want to promote, you’ll be forcing them to send out emails to their subscribers and share praise about you as a niche leader online.

The key to making this work is in not focusing on the money that you can earn from this initial product launch, but rather making it a no brainer for affiliates to get onboard. Identify the top competitors in your niche and carefully analyze what they normally promote so that you can create a product that you know will convert well with their audience.

You want to come up with an offer that blows them away in terms of what they will receive in exchange for the promotion. This should be something similar to a 100% commission right on the front end, and a series of one time offer upgrades that ensure they will find it worth their while to send out an email on your behalf.

Any additional perks that you can provide to these top competitors to make sure they promote for you is ideal. You can create an exclusive bonus report for each person to include as an incentive.

You can promise a reciprocal promotion for their next launch if you are only targeting competitors whose products you strongly believe in. You can also offer them a position on your download page for one of their graphics that lead to their landing page or an offer.

You can even make this an exclusive offer just for the top tier competitors that you want speaking up on your behalf as a niche leader. Whenever their subscribers receive an email from them endorsing you and your products, it gives you an instant reputation as someone who is on their same level.

Of course, your products have to be of top quality in order for this to work. If you can combine the timely issue where you are allowing them to promote a product that is associated with some sort of news or trend, that’s even better.

All of these seven strategies are easy for you to implement into your online marketing efforts. You have to “dress for the job you want, not the job you have,” so to speak. Don’t talk about how new you are or beg top leaders to network with you.

Always approach things as if you are already a top competitor because nobody else truly knows your experience. If your products and approach are top notch and you’re actively engaging with other leaders, you’ll easily fit in and reap the benefits of being a go getter with self-confidence.

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